Can’t get enough – Science Hack Day Berlin 2017 is happening!

Your favorite Hackathon of the year is happening again, this year for the fifth time, fantastic! We are planning some great things, about some we want to tell you now…  ✨


Mark your Calendar

Later than usual – Science Hack Day Berlin will take place on the weekend of 17 – 19th November 2017. Like every year, we will expect to welcome about 80-100 developers, designers, engineers, scientists, artists and enthusiasts to work together for an intense weekend of interdisciplinary collaboration and rapid prototyping. We will also have a bunch of exciting lightening speakers to feed you with the weirdest ideas. Sign up to the mailing list for a ping when registration opens in October.

New Location

After 2 years of Fablab, which have been truly fabulous, we are moving to a new location. This year’s SHDB will take place at the Technical University of Berlin (TU) right here! We had always hoped to work closer with academic institutions, to bring hacktivism where science traditionally happens. With the help of Dr. Melanie Stilz from the Institut für Berufliche Bildung und Arbeitslehre, we found this great partner to host SHDB17.

But the monthly Berlin Science Hack Lab will still take place at Fablab! Come say HI.

We are more now!

Organizing an epic hackathon can be quite tough. This is why we nudged the community to bring some fresh breeze into the house, and wonder happened. We now a proud gang of 11 people, more diverse than ever before. There is a lot more happening behind the curtains but you can see already some updates on this website and read about the team introducing itself. 

Cash baby

Like every year, great SHDB wouldn’t be as swell as it gets without the support of our amazing sponsors. So we’re putting the call out: We need your support to make science hacking great. You’ll find everything you need to get on board here.



That’s about it for now. We’ll now go back to frantically typing emails and sorting out cables to make this great day happen.

See you at the TU!
Your Science Hack Day team.