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What is a Science Hack Day?

In short, a Science Hack Day is a hackathon for science. It is a forum that brings scientists, developers, designers, engineers, and enthusiastic people from all backgrounds together in the same physical space for one intense weekend to get inspired, get creative and make something cool, with science.

For three days we provide a completely open space where creativity and interdisciplinarity can flow. Achieving this means removing all barriers to community participation. As such, the event is free of charge for all attendees, we provide space and access to equipment and materials needed for rapid prototyping, and we provide food and shelter for our valiant science hackers to keep them hacking through the night.

All of this is made possible through sponsorship. Science Hack Day is organised by volunteers and wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. If you are interested to support us, keep reading!


For more about the global Science Hack Day phenomenon, it’s beginnings, and past events in Berlin, take a look at our ‘About’ page.

(Hannah Rumstedt CC-BY-SA)

(Hannah Rumstedt CC-BY-SA)

We like it! How can we help?

The next Berlin Science Hack Day will take place at FabLab Berlin, 23-25th September. It starts on Friday evening and goes nonstop until Sunday evening. With three successful hackathons already under our belts we know what it takes to make a great event. We even have some extras in mind to add the final science cherry on the science cake and make SHDB16 the most unforgettable hackathon yet. To help us achieve this goal, we’re looking for help with any of the following:

  • Hacker-fuel
    • 5 Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch)
    • Fresh fruit & snacks
    • Drinks: Beer, Juice, Club-Mate
    • Coffee
    • Drinks during the opening event and final presentations on Sunday.
    • Midnight snacks
  • Venue
    We are very happy to have a great cooperation with FabLab Berlin who turn over their entire space to us for the whole weekend, together with their fantastic facilities and tools, AND the expertise of several of their staff, at a massively subsidised rate.
  • Hardware & materials
    All manner of electronics, materials for making, and even office supplies to support creative processes. If we can, we’d also like to offer a small spending budget to each team of hackers.
  • Extras
    • Where we can we like to connect our Berlin community to expert science hackers from further afield by covering travel costs for them to attend our event to give advice, bring ideas, and share their expertise.
    • Promotional materials and cool swag
    • Content and accessories to help transform our space into a playful, interesting and creative environment (e.g. exhibition of science artifacts, science magazines, science-fiction books, posters, gadgets, games, toys or science movies and documentaries to play in the relaxation space)
    • Things we haven’t thought about yet!

Of course, we’re interested in either financial or in-kind sponsorship, organized in cooperation with us. Your in-house caterer makes the best food in town? Why not let him serve Saturday Dinner?!


Ok. We’d like to support you – what do we get in return?

Since the first Berlin Science Hack Day in November 2013 we have been amazed by the interest and attention we’re getting. We offer you the opportunity to have your name connected to the professional execution of this wonderful event. For the upcoming edition of the Berlin Science Hack Day we will gather together 80-100 talented people and young professionals from all fields of the natural sciences, engineering, software development, art and design, typically age 20 to 35. We are a well-loved event and our reach extends beyond the direct participants of the hackathon into our wider science and technology-interested community – the public attendees of the final presentation, our mailing lists and social media following.

To make things easy we have created four different sponsorship packages, to give you an idea of the kind of support we need and it’s value.

Sponsor (500€)

    • Link on our website
    • Promotional material (provided by sponsor) at the event

KiloSponsor (1500€)

    • Logo & link on our website
    • Logo on our posters. Recognition in roundup email to attendees.
    • Promotional material (provided by sponsor) at the event

MegaSponsor (3000€)

    • Logo & link on our website
    • Logo on our posters. Recognition in roundup email to attendees
    • Promotional material (provided by sponsor) at the event
    • 3 min. speaking opportunity
    • Recognition by lead organizers during opening and final event

Judge (you bring a prize* for the winning team in a relevant category)

    • Link on our website
    • Seat in the jury for the final presentations on Sunday and the possibility to choose a winning team for one of our hack categories (e.g. best data hack, best hardware hack, best science hack, hardest hack, etc.)
    • Recognition by the organizers during the final event plus a short speaking opportunity while handing over the prize.

* Prizes
We believe that intrinsic motivation and a feeling of pride and accomplishment is more important than the prospect of large cash prizes, so we keep our prizes small or in-kind (e.g. free entry to events, free access to facilities, magazine subscriptions, cool swag). Similarly, we cannot set specific challenges at a sponsor’s request.


Can I just make a donation and get a contribution receipt instead?

Absolutely! Science Hack Day Berlin is backed officially by the OpenTechSchool Berlin, a non profit organization (gemeinnütziger Verein) which can sign contribution receipts.


We are in, lets discuss some details!

Please contact the team member who pointed you to this page or just drop us a line at [email protected].