9 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss Science Hack Day 2019

If you are still not sure if want to go to Science Hack Day or just have an ordinary thing planned for this weekend- Science Hack Day Berlin is here for the rescue!


1. The venue

Motionlab is awesome- have you ever been there? No? Ups, then you missed out until now, or until next week. Motionlab is a relatively new space in Berlin. It’s this awesome place where people of all kinds build their private projects or work on their professional products. After so many years of coworking spaces, fablabs and hackerspaces, they combined the best concepts of all types into a great blend in an inspiring environment, and It contains all the ingredients for a Science Hack Day. We are very grateful that Motionlab is offering us their space and supporting Science Hack Day! website

2. Meet awesome people

Science Hack Day is indeed full of people from different backgrounds. So if you are a molecular biologists, with a fun and creative idea, but you lack the skills to make it look right or program this actually simple thing, how awesome would it be, if after telling about your idea to a crowd, some designer, software developers and other scientists would come to you afterwards and say: LETS DO IT!

3. Interdisciplinary collaboration

This interdisciplinarity is key! In the future we will work with more people from other disciplines. Time for not being able to explain your matters to somebody from another field is over. You need to be able to talk with designers and engineers. We are going to prepare you – be able to talk to anyone or see your pitch die. Get ready for the future.

4. Lightning talks – more awesome people!

We will have 2 awesome lightning talks on Friday evening

Cere Davis is a science-artist, kinetic sculptor and science educator based in the bay area of California. She has a degree in Physics from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and early career working in scientific fields ranging from volcanic lightning to liquid crystals to research at the South Pole station of Antarctica. Her works are analog experiments in emergent dynamics which bridge new forms of media/interactive art and kinetic sculpture. website

Liquid Loom by Cere Davis

Lars Zimmermann is an artist, designer, activist and educator from Berlin. His work is mostly about Openness (Open Design, Open Source, Open Data) for the development of sustainable circular world of products; all work is pre- & post-climate change. website

5. Hardware & machines

Motionlab is full of machines that help you prototype and test your ideas: 3D printers, lasercutters and has different kinds of workshops. In addition we also built up a stash of electronic prototyping boards, and components for all your needs, including lights, motors and sensors of all kinds.

6. Collaboration instead of competition

Generally Hackathons are sponsored by companies who have an interest in the people of a hackathon or in their results. Often they even pitch the ideas, for hackers to solve. That seems like a fine idea, at least from the sponsors perspective. But it creates an atmosphere of competition and result in free labor… Our focus is on collaboration and openness.

7. Open science

Science Hack Day is open science in action. Pitches from postdocs are next to those from makers of fancy garden utilities and machine learning experts. Including science enthusiasts and bringing experiences researcher together with people who might challenge their knowledge on their field.

8. Open presentations & faire

On Sunday afternoon (starting from 14:30) science hack day is open to the general public. Visitors can see the presentations of the hacks and chat with the participants in a maker faire style setup.
If you didn’t had the chance to participate for the whole weekend, this is the best opportunity to see the results. For the hackers, invite your friends! See the schedule for more details.

9. Prizes

Ok, we said collaboration instead of competition. Anyway, there will be some prizes that will provide some teams with the opportunities to keep on developing their hack sponsored by Motionlab!

If you didn’t register yet, there might still some seats left.

Did you already register, and want to excite some people about your idea or read those of others. Go ahead to the etherpad!

See you on Friday!