Science Hack Day Berlin #1 was great!

The first Science Hack Day in Berlin and Germany has come to pass and it was a roaring success. We had 50 attendees, over 12 projects, and saw collaboration and dialogue between scientists in different fields and scientists and people from the tech world, which was exactly what we hoped would happen. We had so much fun watching the projects evolve, and we were impressed with what everyone came up with in just over a day. We are jazzed to do this again next year, so follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter) to be the first to hear announcements.

The hacks that were presented on Sunday were:
1. Giant Atom Manipulator (Gam)
2. Super short short distance vehicle
3. Spit lamp
4. Wearable LEDs with sensors
5. Pineapple cake
6. Windy Globe
7. Scanning tunnelling microscope data visualization
8. Digital Rocket
9. Airborne microMAV sensor network
10. Evolution of monsters
11. Ivory tower
12. Gourmeduino
13. Angry Cat Hat

For more details check our wiki

Another big thanks to our sponsors Technologiestiftung Berlin, our venue Betahaus | Open Design City, Labfolder, uberall, and MakeTechX.

And now, pictures!

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