Fancy Hacking toys

Dear hackers of the future Science Hack Day,

SHDB2015 is approaching and we hope you have already marked it with a big blue cross in your calendar. This year we want to bring in more materials, hardware, tools and gadgets. Just imagine – you would arrive at Fablab on Friday evening and all your hardware wishes have come true – that would basically be like Christmas!
From two great Science Hack Days we already have a good idea what things to have to make your crazy machines run. We’ve already got a whole bunch of awesome toys lined up for you and will start a shopping spree soon – for this we need your help.

What we already have

From last year / Open Tech School / Technologiestiftung Berlin Hack boxes:
a bunch of Arduinos, different types
Basic Sensor kits
Shields and components from Tinkerkit and Seeed Grove- that allow super fast prototyping
LED strips, matrices
small lasers
Makey Makeys
Raspberry Pi’s
All kinds of motors
… and more

To borrow from our sponsor IXDS design agency – including some very exclusive not-yet-on-the-market desirables:
Spark core kits
Google Project Tango
Kinect One
Google Glass
Apple Watch
Raspberry Pi’s Model 2
Intel Galileo
…. aaaand more

What should we buy?
Now. If you have some Items in mind that would make a Science Hack Day 🚀 – like maybe this pocket spectrometer (unfortunately not coming out until February 2016) – let us know. As long as you don’t go too nuts with the budget we will take your suggestions carefully into account.
Write us! [email protected]

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